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Look, listen and see

Activist groups block more than just highways. They generate a lot of media attention, but with their associated dogmatic positions they also block possible solutions for the -indeed- very real problems. See the shutdown of the last nuclear power plants in Germany, which -according to the Washington Post- leads to more than 20 million tons of extra CO2-emissions per year. Five times as much as the emissions from all business jets in all of Europe. Then again, actions against business jets are of course also mainly about perceptions and media attention. And it is easy. You don’t have to spend time looking for facts and doing analyses.

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Senseless Shrink

The Dutch government apparently still wants to force downsizing of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Despite the societal damage that the inevitable and irreversible loss of connections will cause, both in the Netherlands and in European regions, and even though this downsizing does nothing for the four objectives given for this drastic measure in the associated Letter to Parliament.

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