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Senseless Shrink

The Dutch government apparently still wants to force shrinkage of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Despite the societal damage that the inevitable and irreversible loss of connections will cause, both in the Netherlands and in European regions, and even though this shrinkage does nothing for the four objectives given for this drastic measure in the associated Letter to Parliament.

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When it comes to reducing CO2 emissions, some politicians dream of plan A: replace all flights shorter than 750 kilometers with high-speed rail. If that dream were to become a reality, it would be a nightmare for emissions.

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Airway to 2050

The main obstacle on the road to sustainable aviation is the framing: aviation policy appears to be driven more by perceptions than by analysis. Which is a pity because a factual analysis is not very complicated. It requires no more than a few straightforward calculations. For starters, these quickly identify the options.

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